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COVID-19 Legislation: More Manipulation of Americans

9 April 2021 To our country’s detriment, power-hungry politicians and a cooperative media are manipulating Americans. Democrats have mastered manipulation as a political strategy. Republicans have allowed, and continue to allow, this Democratic strategy to be successful. They enable this destructive strategy by failing to instruct the public regarding governmental processes, sensible reasons for their […]

Black America’s Destructive Change in Strategy and Tactics

I am starting this opinion piece on 28 January 2021; Black History Month begins in a few days. As I think about the intended purpose of that designated time, an overwhelming sense of sorrow, of grief, overtakes me. A Black History Month article (updated 27 January 2021) at http://www.history.com gives this purpose for the month: […]

America’s Rapidly Unfolding Suicide

18 January 2021 On Wednesday, 6 January 2021, a group of protesters forcefully entered the Capitol building in Washington; causing extensive damage to the building and putting the well-being of occupants in danger. Those in the building included, but were not limited to senators, representatives, and Capitol police officers. The prevailing assessment by the media, […]

2020 Presidential Election: Readers tell me my eyes lie

4 January 2021 On 20 November 2020, I posted an article to my website titled “Election Integrity: America, we have a problem“. My contention was that there is sufficient evidence to doubt the fairness and legality of the 2020 Presidential Election result. The prevailing conclusion is that Joe Biden won the election. The readers’ comments […]

Election Integrity: America, we have a problem

I have not been surprised, in the least, that the media has downplayed, and vociferously attacked, President Trump’s contention that the 2020 Presidential Election was plagued by illegal actions.  This kind of response is to be expected in today’s America where seemingly half of the population and 99% of media are totally committed to not […]

A response to Dr. Anderson’s “Attack on city leaders was unwarranted”

13 August 2020 On Sunday evening, 2 August 2020, I read an opinion piece by Dr. James Anderson, former chancellor of Fayetteville State University. His comments appeared in the 31 July edition of the Fayetteville Observer. Primarily, Dr. Anderson very strongly condemned what Bill Bowman, publisher of Up & Coming Weekly newspaper, wrote in a […]

Do you really want to seriously discuss race and racism?

10 July 2020 Column Gist: I do not know what the situation will be in America when this column is published; however, protests, too often accompanied by violence and looting, have been routine over the last two weeks. All of this was prompted by the horrible killing of George Floyd. A primary component of what […]

Racial Harmony in America: A Pipe Dream?

Opinion Gist: It seems that no matter what challenging issue is raised in America, race or racism is brought into the discussion. The constant cry is for “racial harmony”. As is the case with any goal, we should be very honest with ourselves regarding the probability of achieving racial harmony in America. In the midst […]

Partial Narratives: Dangerous…Even Destructive

1 June 2020 Column Gist: In any circumstance, only giving part of an account of some happening, that benefits the storyteller, can prove dangerous, even destructive. The possible consequence of danger or destruction is normally faced by others but can also negatively impact the narrator of the partial story. These partial narratives, and the accompanying […]

COVID-19: Where is God?

15 May 2020 Column Gist: In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, many people are asking if it was caused by God. This column addresses that question. As people ponder how God might be involved with the COVID-19 pandemic, the normal response is, “I don’t see how a loving God would cause an event such […]

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