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Election Integrity: America, we have a problem

I have not been surprised, in the least, that the media has downplayed, and vociferously attacked, President Trump’s contention that the 2020 Presidential Election was plagued by illegal actions.  This kind of response is to be expected in today’s America where seemingly half of the population and 99% of media are totally committed to not only removing the man from office, but destroying him and his family. The constant cry from liberal media, Republicans who oppose the president, and that body of citizens who just want Trump out of office is that there is no evidence of illegal actions in this election. They say Trump should concede to Joe Biden and move on.

Another argument made by those who want us to move on is that even if fraud is found, or simple mistakes, not enough additional votes will be identified to change the outcome of the election. It seems to me this is about far more than getting Trump reelected; it is about having Americans believe that there is integrity in our elections. At this point, I totally agree with the millions of Republicans who say this election was not fair. I believe there was fraud and will not be convinced otherwise without an open and thorough investigation of all the indicators that lead me to this position. So, whether Trump prevails or not, without serious investigation of these fraud indicators, millions of us will not believe that there is integrity in future elections.

This second argument is similar to a person undergoing major surgery and coming through; however, the medical personnel later realize that gauze was left inside that patient. The doctors look at the x-rays, see the gauze, but conclude the patient can live with it remaining in his or her body. Even further, they decide there is no reason to try and find out how the gauze came to be left in that patient; a problem happened, the patient will live, no need to determine how to prevent it from happening again. I would argue that the patient and others who hear this story will not have confidence in those doctors.

That’s the way it is with the indicators of fraud in this election; don’t tell me to move on because not enough votes will be identified to change the election outcome. I would not trust those doctors and I will not trust future elections absent a thorough investigation of these indicators of fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election.

If you want to understand what I am referring to as indicators of fraud, click this link and watch the 19 November press conference conducted by the attorneys leading Trump’s effort to expose fraud in this election: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4BufJxxmKE

If you depend on CNN for your news, you did not have an opportunity to see this press conference; they did not carry it.

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