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My Spinning Head

I have been following the consent search (or Driving While Black) issue over the past fifteen or so months. The contention by some is that since roughly three times as many black citizens undergo consent searches as white citizens, racial profiling is being practiced by the Fayetteville Police Department. As the public tension surrounding this […]

Losing Sleep

I seldom have trouble sleeping.  Friday night, 9 March 2012, was an exception to that rule.  Since my golf game is improving, I got home that day in time to watch the 5:00 pm news on television.  There it was, Dale Iman, Fayetteville City Manager, had resigned under pressure from Fayetteville City Council.  This was […]

Race and Class Politics: Fayetteville Style

I love and greatly appreciate America and Fayetteville. Consequently, this is proving to be a very difficult and painful emotional and mental time for me as I watch what I believe is the demise of our Country. A major cause of this demise is the detrimental misuse of race and class in the national political […]

Regarding Chief Bergamine

On 10 January 2012, I sent an email to all Fayetteville City Council members. In that email I shared my thoughts regarding the treatment of Chief Tom Bergamine and the Fayetteville Police Department during the ongoing consent search debate. Council Members, I just finished reading a zillion Observer articles where people are saying citizens have […]

No More Going Quietly

This opinion piece was published in Up and Coming Weekly (newspaper in Fayetteville, NC) during August 2009. No More Going Quietly by Karl W. Merritt I am starting this article at 4:20 AM and must finish it while in the right mood. This is the case because what follows is the product of an experience […]

Pain Reduction, Please!

Following comments appeared as an opinion editorial (op-ed) in the Fayetteville Observer during the winter of 2010. Pain Reduction, Please! by Karl W. Merritt I love and appreciate this country and would not want to live anywhere else. However, I am enduring a period of tremendous emotional and mental pain because of what seems to […]

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