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After all my years of living, there are still some things I do not fully understand. However, I am sure of my love for God, family, other people, Fayetteville, and the United States of America. These loves cause me to be very concerned about various issues and happenings in our world. As part of my effort to bring productive attention to some of these happenings and issues, this website is made available to the public. The approach is to share my thoughts and those of others along with various resources in the hope that the information provided will inspire and equip people to get seriously involved in helping make our City, Nation, and even the world a far better place to live. Without doubt, the business of living is, at best, difficult. My hope is that the thoughts, information, and resources offered through this site will also assist visitors as they deal with the challenges of life itself. Against this backdrop and with her permission, I encourage readers to click on this link http://fayobserver.com/articles/2012/06/17/1184015?sac=fo.opinion and read an Op-ed written by Dr. Gail L. Thompson. It is titled “Are you a real daddy or a deadbeat?” and appeared in the Fayetteville Observer on June 17, 2012.

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