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Recognizing and Eliminating what is Senseless

10 September 2019 Hardly a day passes that I do not see or hear something that makes absolutely no sense to me. I came close, very close, to concluding that this was a rare condition, that I was pretty much alone in having this experience. Then, on Thursday, 15 August 2019, I heard Troy Williams’ […]

When the Selfish Quest for Power Alienates Reason

22 August 2019 The quest for power is probably acceptable where the aim is to better conditions for people or in some situation where correction is needed. However, when having power becomes the end in itself, reasoning is thrown to the wind. That is, those seeking power focus so totally on gaining it that any […]

Leonard Pitts, Jr. Assigns Me Honorary Whiteness

9 August 2019 I doubt that Leonard Pitts, Jr. has ever read anything that I have written, and we certainly have never engaged in conversation. If either of those were the case, I am absolutely certain he would contend I fit the description of an “honorary white” as he presents it in his column titled, […]

Ronald Reagan Got It Right Regarding Government

1 August 2019 Events surrounding our state’s current budget process, as of this writing, remind me of the truth in a statement by President Ronald Reagan: “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” In a column titled, “People over politics: Local delegation advocates for […]

Thoughts on Downtown Parking

10 July 2019 Fayetteville is dealing with a tremendous challenge regarding downtown parking. In the big picture, paid parking, in city lots, that has been instituted during baseball games is adversely impacting businesses and those who work downtown. A further complication is that people who want to go downtown during a game, but not attend […]

The Equality Act: A Time to Speak Up

2 July 2019 There are times when circumstances dictate that individuals and groups speak up, even at the risk of being made to suffer. The Equality Act presents one of those occasions for Americans. The House of Representatives has passed the legislation and it is now with the Senate for action. The act begins with […]

Needed: NC Civil War & Reconstruction History Center

25 June 2019 A few years ago, I got the sense that the North Carolina Civil War & Reconstruction History Center being proposed for Fayetteville had substantial public support and was moving toward realization. Over the past few weeks, media reports and commentary on social media, especially Facebook, tell a different story. Given that the […]

My Recommended Response to “White Privilege”

30 May 2019 Dictionary.Com gives the following definition of white privilege: “White privilege is a term used to describe unearned rights and benefits afforded white people in Western society because of the color of their skin.” At the bottom line, I give very little thought or attention to discussions of “white privilege”. Therein is my […]

Census Citizenship Question: A Look at the Calendar Matter

20 May 2019 On a rather frequent basis, I get to spend time with, and engage in conversation with, a wonderful group of Christian men. Topics addressed in our discussions run the spectrum from matters of our faith to those of politics and society. Part of my attraction to, and appreciation for, this group is […]

Love…Our Only Hope

9 May 2019 There are no words sufficient enough to describe the depth of my sadness, dismay, and even anger, in response to how, far too many, people are reacting to the report by Robert Mueller, special counsel. I think he was assigned to search for Russian interference in our 2016 election and any collusion […]

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