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Racial Harmony in America: A Pipe Dream?

Opinion Gist: It seems that no matter what challenging issue is raised in America, race or racism is brought into the discussion. The constant cry is for “racial harmony”. As is the case with any goal, we should be very honest with ourselves regarding the probability of achieving racial harmony in America. In the midst […]

Partial Narratives: Dangerous…Even Destructive

1 June 2020 Column Gist: In any circumstance, only giving part of an account of some happening, that benefits the storyteller, can prove dangerous, even destructive. The possible consequence of danger or destruction is normally faced by others but can also negatively impact the narrator of the partial story. These partial narratives, and the accompanying […]

COVID-19: Where is God?

15 May 2020 Column Gist: In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, many people are asking if it was caused by God. This column addresses that question. As people ponder how God might be involved with the COVID-19 pandemic, the normal response is, “I don’t see how a loving God would cause an event such […]

America’s Practice of Politics: An Existential Threat

1 May 2020 Column Gist: The way politics is practiced in America threatens the very survival of our nation. Without a doubt, the American form of government has proved to be amazingly effective. The measure of that effectiveness shows in what the nation accomplished in a relatively short period of time. The political component, as […]

Missing Daddy

15 April 2020 Column Gist: It seems that in America we have created an atmosphere where productive discourse, supported by logical thought, hardly ever happens. Sadly, very few Americans seem to recognize the threat to our very existence that is posed by this condition. I find it extremely difficult to identify individuals who disagree with […]

COVID-19: A Wake-up Call for America

7 April 2020 Column Gist: As the world struggles to address the Coronavirus, we are provided with a perfectly conditioned opportunity for self-reflection and honest assessment. That is true for the whole world, but especially for America. I am starting this column on 18 March 2020 and must have it to the editor by the […]

A Rare Instance of Rejecting Political Malleability

20 March 2020 Column Gist: We live in a time when most American politicians will say anything, promise whatever appears politically profitable, to get elected. After being elected, the normal course is to forget what was promised and simply go along with what is dictated by the established political order. Every now and then, a […]

Malleable Politicians: As American as Apple Pie

10 March 2020 Column Gist: We have come to a point in America where the overwhelming majority of politicians will say whatever they conclude will get them elected. The responsibility for this condition is not limited to politicians. Much of the blame rests with citizens. A Google search for malleable yields this definition: “(of a […]

America is at War Within

25 February 2020 Column Gist: Within America’s borders, war is raging. We are beyond civil reconciliation. Each citizen of this great country must decide how to respond. Finishing a series of columns last year, I ended in April with one titled “Critical thinking on today’s issues: A change in focus and strategy”. In that column, […]

The Power of Perspective

11 February 2020 Realizing that my column is routinely longer than what is normal, I considered making changes that might lessen my word count. Doing so would adversely impact what I hope is my approach to important topics. That is, presenting thoughtful discussion of a topic while supporting that discussion with logical flow and sound […]

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