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Cumberland County’s Sales Tax Distribution Squabble: An Example of What’s Wrong in America

9 February 2016 This column addresses a matter specific to Cumberland County, North Carolina which includes the city of Fayetteville. Even though the situation is specific to the city and county where I live, examination of what is happening shines a bright light on the dysfunctional and ineffective political conditions that are present across America. […]

America Needs Some Joe Coffers

20 January 2016 Hardly a day passes that I do not hear or read something about the need for discussion of race in America. In spite of all the talking, I see absolutely nothing productive happening regarding race discussions. I cringe to count the number of meetings I have attended where this topic came up […]

America: Locked in Darkness

5 January 2016 The Sunday school class that I am a member of discussed Zechariah’s Song on Sunday, 13 December 2015. In that song, Zechariah who is the father of John the Baptist expresses thanks for God’s faithfulness, talks about how his son will prepare the way for Jesus, and concludes by giving the only […]

The Shaping of My Thinking

22 December 2015 A few years ago as I finished a radio interview, a black male who lives in Fayetteville and is active in addressing political, racial, and other social issues walked into the room where I was sitting. I had talked about my thinking regarding the need for individual responsibility, a positive work ethic, […]

Extremists in North Carolina Legislature Advance Harsh Anti-Immigration Policy…What?

09 December 2015 On 29 September 2015 Governor Pat McCrory, North Carolina, signed SESSION LAW 2015-294/ HOUSE BILL 318. The legislation is referred to as the “Protect North Carolina Workers Act.” The text summarizes the legislation as follows: AN ACT TO REQUIRE E-VERIFY COMPLIANCE IN CERTAIN GOVERNMENTAL CONTRACTS, TO PROVIDE THAT CERTAIN CONSULATE OR EMBASSY […]

End the Fermenting of Racial Division

24 November 2015 My column in the 11 November 2015 edition of Up and Coming Weekly was titled “Operation Inasmuch Shelter Proposal: Helpful or Hurtful?” The column examined the primary points made by those in favor of and opposed to the organization receiving a Special Use Permit to construct a 40-bed homeless shelter. After much […]

The Operation Inasmuch Homeless Shelter Proposal: Helpful or Hurtful

November 11, 2015 Operation Inasmuch is a Fayetteville-based nonprofit that provides a myriad of services to the City’s homeless population. The organization’s stated purpose is “to go outside the church walls to a world in need, offering the talents and gifts with which we have been blessed. “ Inasmuch has submitted an application for a […]

Ben Carson Addresses Muslim Presidential Possibility

September 23, 2015 During an interview on Sunday, 20 September, Dr. Ben Carson put forth a position regarding the election of a Muslim to the U.S. Presidency.  His comments have upset some Americans to the point that they are calling on him to drop out of the presidential race.  In my estimation, this situation is […]

Thoughts on the Charleston Church Shooting

September 15, 2015 On 17 June 2015 Dylann Roof, a young white man, walked into a Bible study at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.  He sat in that session for an hour, interacted with the pastor and other attendees, then shot and killed nine people in that Bible study.  Without doubt, […]

Free Advice to Republicans

June 18, 2015 Compared with the Democrat Party, the number of black Americans in the Republican Party is miniscule.   Because I am black and a registered Republican, party members often ask me how to get more black citizens involved with the Republican Party.  The low level of black involvement can be traced to Republicans being […]

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