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Successful Politicians…Failing Leaders

March 18, 2015 Note: This is the second in a series of three opinion pieces. Each will include the same opening and closing. The middle section of this one provides different thoughts from the first piece.  Likewise, the middle section of the third will differ from one and two. Dictionary.com defines a politician as “a […]

Death by a 140 Characters

A few weeks ago I was talking with a young man who is a frequent voter.  We often talk about political and social issues, but routinely disagree on how most matters should be addressed.  During this last conversation, in order to make a point, I mentioned the danger of an 18 trillion dollar national debt […]

Successful Politicians…Failing Leaders

Note: This is the first in a series of three opinion pieces. Each will include the same opening and closing. The middle section of the second and third will provide different thoughts from the previous piece or pieces. Dictionary.com defines a politician as “a seeker or holder of public office who is more concerned about […]

Thoughts on Ferguson

Given that I am in retirement mode, I hardly get out of bed before 9:00 AM. However, one morning last week a frightening dream awoke me at 5:30 and I got up. In the dream, a tremendously accomplished white man was speaking to a group of black boys regarding successful living. I was sitting in […]

Our Chef…Reason to be Thankful

I am writing this article with some reluctance and much enthusiasm. My wife and I are not wealthy nor are we interested in seeming to boast about anything. However, we have a chef for whom we are thankful and share our experience for others who may benefit from her services. Several months ago I had […]

Black Americans Must Examine the Numbers

I am at that age where several doctors are required to keep me functioning. During a recent appointment with one of those doctors, the conversation briefly turned to golf. He mentioned his handicap and I said I just play and have not bothered to record a handicap. About.com defines the golf handicap as “… a […]

Truth Is Breaking Through

For some time now I have been in a position to see the depth of commitment to the Democrat Party that is present among Black Americans. Given that I grew up surrounded by black citizens who believed that Democrats seriously addressed the needs of and issues relating to the black community, I can see how […]

Reinvigorated…Thank You!

On 5 September 2014 I released an e-newsletter article titled “Farewell, Great Oak…Why I Quit.” The article is posted on my website and may be accessed by going to http://karlmerritt.pairsite.com/articles/.  I am encouraged and very much humbled by the response to that release.  The e-newsletter was sent to 725 recipients, 306 individuals opened it for […]

Farewell, Great Oak: Why I Quit…

After eight years volunteering with Great Oak Youth Development Center (GOYDC), my involvement with the organization has ended totally. In April 2014, I reduced my responsibilities as explained in an email that may be viewed on my website by going to this link: www.karlmerritt.com/articles/. When I joined with Dr. Catrina Murphy and Bobby Washington to […]

Reduction of Great Oak Involvement

Text of Email 30 April 2014 This email is being sent to many persons with whom I interacted over the past several years because of your financial and/or volunteer support of Great Oak Youth Development Center. I would prefer to address each of you by name; however, given the sizeable listing of individuals, time does […]

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