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More on Black Privilege Being Real in America

22 January 2020 My column two weeks ago was titled “Black Privilege is Real in America”. I shared my reaction to an opinion piece that appeared in the Fayetteville Observer. It was written by Debra Figgins and titled “County schools must address racial disparities in discipline”. The writer presented several actions that she contended should […]

Black Privilege is Real in America

I have read, and my wife has told me a thousand times, “Do not read a newspaper or watch a TV newscast shortly before going to bed.” The warning is that doing so will interfere with my sleep. I certainly wish that I had followed that sound advice on 6 December 2019. Instead, I made […]

Smith Recreation Center as Early Voting Site for Primary: Fear and Anger

29 December 2019 My wife and I recently watched a movie titled The American President. Michael Douglas plays the role of President Andrew Shepherd. In a press briefing near the end of the movie, Douglas makes this statement regarding his reelection opponent, Senator Bob Rumson (played by Richard Dreyfuss): “Whatever your particular problem is, I […]

Debates Do Not Solve Problems

15 December 2019 Watching all the problems that threaten the continued existence of America, but go unsolved, has brought me close to a state of despair. At times, our situation seems completely hopeless. In several columns, I have contended that the primary cause of our troubled condition is due to a turning from God and […]

The Boldness We Need

4 December 2019 We live in a country and world that are in disarray…headed toward certain self-destruction. Our only hope is in turning to God and following the way that He calls us to. Our failure to make this turn is, for the most part, because far too many Christians and Christian churches are failing […]

Chasing the Wind While Missing the Solution

13 November 2019 I am starting this column on Thursday night, 17 October 2019. This is the 12th day of 14 days of vacation in New Bern, North Carolina. My time is being spent staying in a house where the back porch overlooks an amazingly beautiful stream surrounded by trees and still green grass. This […]

The Power of Storytelling

31 October 2019 My last column was titled, “History Center: Another Hijacking Underway”. I addressed the effort by Mayor Mitch Colvin and some members of the Fayetteville City Council to make major changes to the planned North Carolina Civil War and Reconstruction History Center. No matter what the outcome-stopping the project, making changes, or proceeding […]

History Center: Another Hijacking Underway

17 October 2019 For over ten years, a group of volunteers, along with some paid staff, has been working to develop a concept for the N.C. Civil War and Reconstruction History Center, as well as raise funds, design the building, and build it. As of this writing, they have, with the help of extremely capable […]

Why the heck…?

4 October 2019 On Sunday, 8 September 2019, I found myself quietly crying during our pastor’s sermon. This was at First Baptist Church (201 Anderson Street) where Rev. Rob James is pastor. It did concern me that, although my crying was silent, I could not stop it. Further, I was struggling to determine why I […]

Challenges to Faith and Reason

19 September 2019 Over the past week, I received comments from three readers regarding two of my recent columns. They raised questions and challenges that some other readers very likely share. Consequently, I will respond in this column. The first two emails addressed my column titled “When the Selfish Quest for Power Alienates Reason.” One […]

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