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Disgusted, angry, frustrated, struggling against hopelessness; and a whole bunch of other destructive emotions

Just a few days ago, a “real” friend of mine called me. He lives half-way across the country. In effect, his greeting was that he had not seen any opinion pieces from me lately and wanted to know if I was alright. My response was honest and forthright. I explained that watching the destructive happenings in America -a country that God blessed me to be born in and live in for almost 75 years now, a place that I love and appreciate beyond words- has brought me to a state of  being disgusted, angry, frustrated, struggling against hopelessness; and a whole lot of other destructive emotions. I went on to say that my response was to stop writing and just do projects around our home. 

I am very thankful for that “real” friend’s call. The conversation reinforced my recognition of the absolute requirement that I break free of this state of mind and get back to what I believe God has called me to be and do. 

A major contributing factor to the state of mind that I am describing and my reaction to it is the extremely possible victory of those in this country who appear determined to destroy the American way of life. The weight of this consideration on me is compounded by the fact that I have seen much of the rest of the world. Having done so gives me crystal clear points of comparison that dramatically heighten my love and appreciation for America.

As I was sorting through these thoughts of the destructive forces winning the war for the future course of America, I became aware of comments made by Brian Echevarria before the Cabarrus County North Carolina School Board. I immediately recognized that all is not lost; that there is hope for saving the America that, despite having flaws and failings across the our history, still won and deserves my love, appreciation, and total support.

I invite and encourage you to watch Brian Echevarria’s comments below (stop play at the end of his presentation):


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