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Chuck Schumer must explain this shift

15 April 2021

Chuck Schumer is a United States Senator who represents New York and serves as Majority Leader. He is a Democrat who was first elected to the Senate in 1998. He was constant in opposing Trump’s efforts to secure the southern border. Now, Schumer offers no opposition as Joe Biden dismantles every Trump action that proved effective in reducing illegal border crossings. There is absolute chaos on the border and it is adversely impacting every square inch of America.

I believe every person has a right to change his or her position on any issue. However, when those changes affect others, especially when the result is adverse, those who are affected deserve a clear and detailed explanation regarding the change.

That leads me to what is a clear change in Schumer’s present position on illegal immigration from what he said in a 2009 speech at Georgetown Law. I make no claim to know why he changed and will not speculate. My point is that American citizens, by the millions and without regard to party affiliation, should demand an explanation for the change in his position on this matter.

In the “Comment” section below, please share your thoughts on whether Schumer should be expected to explain his change of position on the illegal immigration. Add any other thoughts regarding what is happening on the southern border.

2 responses to “Chuck Schumer must explain this shift”

  1. Dr. Johnny Hunter says:

    Considering that New York state legislators have set up a $2.1 Billion fund for undocumented workers makes it appear that the party of slavery still want to invite cheap labor with an expensive carrot stick. Chuck and the members of his political party are scary in their locked goose step march for a leftist agenda which is dismantling this nation from the inside.

  2. Dan Powell says:

    Karl,  You did well to show the serious shift in position from law and order that Chuck Schumer has displayed.  This extrapolates to also showing the change in position in the Democratic Party.  It  is so sad to see this.  The far left has influenced the Party to serve their socialist agenda.  Keep up the good work.    

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