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Christian, but Voted for Trump

I voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020. My outspoken support for him comes at a high price. That price shows up in the form of repudiation, harsh criticism, and even separation from some family members and people previously thought to be friends. As best I can tell, the first justification for my banishment is that I have the audacity to be black, Republican, and a Trump supporter. That combination is simply not allowed in this great bastion of free speech, equal opportunity and treatment, where citizens even have the right to peacefully protest.

The second most frequent point of attack is that I am Christian, but support Trump. Time and again, the case is made, most often in verbally attacking and unreasonable terms, that my being Christian dictates that I may not support Donald Trump. I have addressed this contention in several published opinion pieces. However, I recently read an article that explained, better than I ever did, why I can be Christian and support Trump. Interestingly, the article came to me by way of a very strong Christian lady who had respectfully argued that, being Christian, I should not support Trump. Clearly, her comments indicated that the article caused her to reconsider what had been her adamant contention that Christians cannot support Donald Trump.

The article is long, but well worth the read. It is “Wayne Grudem Responds to John Piper about Voting” by Dr. Wayne Grudem. Click the link below to reach this article:


9 responses to “Christian, but Voted for Trump”

  1. Martha B Crawley says:

    Excellent article by Grudem. I appreciate his willingness to disagree and make his points respectfully. My prayer is that both parties would spend the next four years re-evaluating their campaign practices and pledge to make future elections more about issues, abandoning personal attacks and cruel remarks about each other. Such behavior is shameful, destructive & embarrassing to our country. The debate where they constantly talked over each other was a waste of time; almost impossible to hear what they were saying, which didn’t amount to much more than name calling and bashing each other anyway. TV ads were no better. You learn nothing about the candidate other than the other party’s opinion of them. Remember the old ad, “Where’s the beef?”. I would say, “Where are the facts?”

  2. Glen Barnes says:

    Karl, I applaud your stance/positions and 100% agree with them as well. DJT has out performed the past 4 presidents combined. What stands out is that he isn’t a politician, he is a businessman that knows how to run an organization. Sadly our elected leaders fail to lead and have become leaches on the backs of taxpayers.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I wish I could carry some of the pain and hurt that has been given you. You are one of the faces of courage in my life. I pray that God will cover your heart as you stand for Him!!

  4. John N Bantsolas says:

    I agree completely with Glen Barne’s comments. Thanks, Karl.

  5. RS says:

    Mr. Merritt,

    You certainly are entitled to your opinion and decision in this election. However, as a native New York City resident, born and raised, and now having lived here in NC for over ten years, and knowing first hand of 45’s corrupt and racist history, personally I cannot in good conscious vote to support this criminal, corrupt con artist for another four years. Everything of value that he has inherited or been charged with is an utter and complete failure. Sadly, the United States is the latest manifestation of his gross ineptitude and malfeasance. The damage he has done to this country and its standing among our global peers will take years to repair. In addition, having appointed over 90 prosecutors (many in their 30s and 40s) to the federal bench will take a generation to balance the court. So much for a fair and impartial judiciary. That the so-called evangelicals can turn a blind eye to his immoral history and behavior beguiles me. Look up the word hypocrite and they (and his other enablers) should appear as an illustration of the word.

    I hope your post is not for sympathy for your “sacrifice” in voicing your opinion and decision, from the rest of us Christians that see another side to this pivotal moment in our country’s history. I have read your posting over the past few years however, it is with with much trepidation, this one is over the top for me and I will be unsubscribing from further postings from you. Best wishes to you and God less this country, as we need His blessing now more than ever.

  6. S. S. Williams says:

    I will be UNSUBSCRIBING. This, at best, can only be described as “senility”. Perhaps you should be asked to “TURN IN YOUR BLACK CARD”. You have abused the privilege!!!

  7. Ron Moon says:

    Christian BUT voted for DT? Only God can see the heart of man, however a tree is known by its FRUIT, and DT has proven to be a good friend to us Christians, as well as a great leader in regard to putting America first, respecting our constitution, and looking out for small business, which is the heart of our economy. I’m not sure how ANY Christian could vote for ANYONE who supports abortion. Just that ONE issue is enough for me to see enough of the fruit of someone’s heart to determine that person is not in line with God’s will, and personally, I would NOT support them with my vote.

  8. Anonymous says:

    …not support abortion BUT separate children from their parents, lock them in cages and create mental suffering for all!

  9. KT says:

    Living in Northern VA during Trump’s first run I was everything but banished from our neighborhood because of the “TRUMP FOR POTUS” sign my (then) active duty husband posted in our yard then left for training for 10 months.

    He enjoyed the 4 years of service with Trump. Alas, Biden’s win coupled with the shenanigans of Covid convinced him, after 30 years of service, it was time to retire. He began terminal leave last month.

    I considered taking down the Trump sign in our yard several times. But I didn’t as I hoped it would encourage closet supporters to be known. The ramifications for standing up for what I believed in were grand, not only for me but also for our elementary aged son.

    So here we are some six years later. The friendships and opportunities lost still sadden us. But we are sad for the friends who now know what life is like under the failing economy and other issues brought on by our current government.

    I wonder how those who shunned you with their posts two years ago now feel. Do they regret who they supported and voted for? If so, are their convictions strong enough to humble themselves and admit it?

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