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Christian, but Voted for Trump

I voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020. My outspoken support for him comes at a high price. That price shows up in the form of repudiation, harsh criticism, and even separation from some family members and people previously thought to be friends. As best I can tell, the first justification for my banishment is that I have the audacity to be black, Republican, and a Trump supporter. That combination is simply not allowed in this great bastion of free speech, equal opportunity and treatment, where citizens even have the right to peacefully protest.

The second most frequent point of attack is that I am Christian, but support Trump. Time and again, the case is made, most often in verbally attacking and unreasonable terms, that my being Christian dictates that I may not support Donald Trump. I have addressed this contention in several published opinion pieces. However, I recently read an article that explained, better than I ever did, why I can be Christian and support Trump. Interestingly, the article came to me by way of a very strong Christian lady who had respectfully argued that, being Christian, I should not support Trump. Clearly, her comments indicated that the article caused her to reconsider what had been her adamant contention that Christians cannot support Donald Trump.

The article is long, but well worth the read. It is “Wayne Grudem Responds to John Piper about Voting” by Dr. Wayne Grudem. Click the link below to reach this article:


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