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Does the Life of this Black Trump Supporter Matter?

On 23 July 2020 in Milwaukee, the life of Bernell Trammell, a Black man who supported President Donald Trump, was abruptly ended. I do not contend that he was killed because of his support for President Trump; however, given the threatening treatment he received because of that support, it seems reasonable that the possibility would be investigated by, at least, a state agency.

Further, in this time of so much attention to Black lives, one would think the murder of Bernell Trammell would be heavily covered by national media…not the case. I checked the websites of MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS…no mention of this man’s horrible death. The only television coverage I found was on FOX News Channel.

The Washington Post had one article on Trammell being murdered. It did not appear until 31 July, eight days after this heinous crime. The headline of the article by Scott Bauer is “Conservatives take up death of Black man who supported Trump“. The writer focuses on the call, by conservatives, for an investigation. There is none of the outrage that normally comes from liberal media when a Black person is killed and the event can be made to fit their agenda of supporting Democrats. Apparently, a dead Black Trump supporter offers nothing of worth to them.

Consider the following from the Bauer article:

Gerard Randall, chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party’s African American Council, said he didn’t know Trammell, but he would frequently see him holding a sign calling for the election of Trump on one side and for the election of state Sen. Lena Taylor, a Democratic Black woman running for mayor, on the other.

“I have no doubt that were Mr. Trammell advocating support for Planned Parenthood, Joe Biden or the American Civil Liberties Union, there would be a thunderous clamor for justice from the political left,” Randall said in a statement, echoing accusations leveled by other Republicans who say the case isn’t getting the attention it deserves.

Taylor, a vocal critic of Trump, said she is concerned with Republicans suggesting Trammell was killed because of his political beliefs. She said Trammell was “loved and adored” in the neighborhood, even though he may have been the only Trump supporter.

“I appreciate that (Republicans) are concerned about any life being lost, but I think it’s beyond disrespectful to his life to make this about Democrat and Republican,” Taylor said. “There’s nothing to substantiate that’s what happened. We don’t know that. I find that sad.”

My assessment is that Randall, the Republican, speaks truth regarding America’s reality, while Taylor, the Democrat, just wants to move on from what could prove uncomfortable and inconvenient for her party.

Now, watch the videos at the links below and honestly answer the question as to whether the life of this Black Trump supporter matters in the context of what protesters, politicians, liberal media, rioters, and various other individuals and groups are proclaiming regarding the value of Black lives. I contend this is another indication of the deception being perpetrated on America, especially on Black Americans. That is, only assigning value to Black lives when doing so helps a group gain power in American society. Be warned, not all of these groups, if any, want to do what is good for America.

FOX 6 WITI Milwaukee: Bill Miston reports on Trammell’s murder

Lasse Burholt makes the case for a stronger response to this murder

6 responses to “Does the Life of this Black Trump Supporter Matter?”

  1. Ezra A. Merritt says:

    I fully expect that if there is anything worthy of examination that William Barr will spare no effort to see that justice is done. However to expect Black Lives Matter who is regarded by Trump to be Anarchists to march for Bernell Trammell does not compute.

  2. Walker Broadhurst says:

    Karl….so sad! Truly his life mattered, it is a shame his memory will be colored by today’s politics.
    Carter sends.

  3. I would say that polilitcs did not dictate media coverage for the blacks lives that were taken, but the outage and protests of the Injustice of it all. The political views of the victims have never come to the forefront, but I will agree that democratic politicians have come running to the proverbial bandwagon. That is when the politicians begin to polarize the nation. But, it is clear that none of the black victims that have fallen at the hands of police were killed because of their political views. Mr Trammel more likely also was a victim of Injustice. What should be reported and highlighted is the Injustice and not has political views. Undoubtedly he is one of many black lives that have been lost with hardly any news coverage. Mr. Trammell is certainly part of BLM as a movement and the perpetrator(s) when found can answer the question of whether he died because of his political views. Shame on the national media first for not reporting his death! And shame on anyone else Dem or Republican for making his death political. It is an Injustice that all of us should fight to correct!

  4. Beatrice says:

    You are right in your assessment, Karl. Lives only matter when a vote is to be gained.

  5. Beatrice says:

    Karl, you are right in your assessment. Lives only count until the vote has been secured.

  6. Kevin W Kiefer says:

    Although I believe that Mr. Trump will probably be re-elected, I want everyone to know that because Biden is known for “reaching across the aisle” in the Senate, and for compromise, everyone needs to realize that whomever is elected, this Government is everybody’s. We need to realize that EVERY life matters, that supporters of “the loser” should NOT take their football and go home, but to STAY in the mix & continue to write their Congressmen, get their opinion known, just like you do now. When I disagree w/the President now, I write my GOP Congressman and tell him my opinion, respectfully. But, stay engaged, and write, write, write. Just because a Presidential Candidate says, “I want to be the President of EVERYBODY!”, make sure Biden KNOWS what you think (& thru’ your Congressman at a minimum).
    BTW, there’s a reason it’s a “secret ballot”: no one needs or should know HOW you / we are supporting! I live in a 90% Repub area of NV, and I do NOT put out lawn signs, I wait & cast my secret ballot, as should everybody.

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