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Welcome to Karl’s Blog

The goal of this blog is to provide an opportunity for, and promote, productive discussion of difficult, often sensitive, issues and topics. In 2020, at the start of this effort, the very survival of America appears in danger.

The success of this endeavor requires that all participants be thoughtful, respectful of others, willing to listen, and committed to unvarnished examination of facts. To this end, all comments from the public will be reviewed by me, Karl Merritt. Only approved comments will “go live”. Disapproval will, primarily, occur when comments include indecent language, disrespectful verbal attacks on individuals or some entity, or glaring factual errors. If you submit a comment and it does not appear on the blog after twenty-four hours, you may send me a note through “Contact Karl” on this site; ask why your comment did not go live. I will respond.

Thank you for engaging here. Welcome!

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