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Trump and Pence…Eight and 16

25 January 2017

If Democrat leaders continue on their current course, I expect Donald Trump will serve eight years as president, with Mike Pence as vice-president, followed by eight years of Pence as president. What follows is a look at some components of the perilous course being pursued by Democrat leaders.
Start with their effort to preserve the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) in spite of serious problems with the program. President Obama acknowledges program problems as reported by Robert Pearoct in his article, “Ailing Obama Health Care Act May Have to Change to Survive:”

“Mr. Obama himself, while boasting that 20 million people had gained coverage because of the law, acknowledged in July that ‘more work to reform the health care system is necessary.’
‘Too many Americans still strain to pay for their physician visits and prescriptions, cover their deductibles or pay their monthly insurance bills; struggle to navigate a complex, sometimes bewildering system; and remain uninsured,’ Mr. Obama wrote in The Journal of the American Medical Association.”

In an attempt to preserve Obamacare, Democrat leaders take three primary actions that are indicative of their perilous course. Chuck Schumer, Minority Leader (Democrat) in the Senate, in spite of program problems even recognized by President Obama, goes on the attack against Republicans instead of espousing steps to put in place a health care program that works. The article, “Schumer: Trump, Republicans Will ‘Make America Sick Again’”, by Ian Schwartz, quotes Senator Schumer:

“They can’t keep all the things that Americans like about the ACA (Affordable Care Act) and get rid of the rest without throwing away the entire health care system, not just those on ACA, but those with private insurance into chaos….”
Then there is the use of fear in protecting Obamacare. Schumer repeatedly says repealing the program will “make America sick again.” This should be coupled with a comment by Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader (Democrat) in the House of Representatives: “You want grandma living in the guest room? Repeal Obamacare.” These statements reflect efforts to instill fear in people while doing absolutely nothing by way of informing the public and moving toward solutions that work.

As though attacking Republican efforts to address the problems of Obamacare and working to instill fear in the public were not enough, Barack Obama met with Congressional Democrats in early January and, I contend, confirmed the perilous Democrat course. The article, “GOP launches long-promised repeal of Obamacare with no full plan to replace it” by Juliet Eilperin , Amy Goldstein, and Kelsey Snell reports regarding the president’s meeting:
“He urged members of his party not to help the GOP devise a new health-care law.”

The president, who was accompanied by Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Rep. Frederica S. Wilson (D-Fla.) as he entered the Capitol, took no questions from reporters before or after the nearly two-hour meeting. But participants said he told members of his party that they did not have to ‘rescue’ Republicans and that they should ‘stay strong’ as the GOP strives to replace the law.”

This treatment of the Affordable Care Act problems by Democrats, including the president, sends all the wrong signals. That is especially true in America’s current political climate.

The next indicator is the Democrats’ plan for addressing confirmation of Supreme Court justices nominated by President Donald Trump. Following appears in an article published by Robert Laurie titled, “Chuck Schumer threatens Trump over SCOTUS nominee – endless filibuster for any nominee?”:
“If Chuck Schumer is right, the Dems are about to go full-on obstructionist over one of the 2016 campaign’s most central issues – the next Supreme Court Justice.

He made his stance clear last night on the Rachel Maddow show, as NBC News reports:
Suggesting that turnabout is fair play, the Senate’s new top Democrat said Tuesday night ‘it’s hard for me to imagine’ Democratic senators supporting a Supreme Court nomination submitted by President-elect Donald Trump.

‘The consequences are going to be down the road,’ Schumer said. ‘If they don’t appoint somebody good, we’re going to oppose them tooth and nail.’”

By any analysis, it is clear that a major factor in the election of Donald Trump was his intentions as to the kind of individuals he would nominate as Supreme Court justices. Those intentions, and his promise, were totally opposite of what Hillary Clinton clearly indicated she would do in this regard. When Schumer says “somebody good,” he means as defined by Hillary Clinton during her campaign. Donald Trump won. Consequently, it seems clear to me opposing his Supreme Court nominees would not be a wise move for Democrats. This is especially true since the lack of reasonable foundation for their opposition would quickly become apparent.

Democrats are taking a similar position regarding Trump’s cabinet nominees. Burgess Everett explains their plan by writing, in part, in an article titled, “Democrats aim to launch comeback with Cabinet showdown”:

“Senate Democrats want to force Trump’s picks to lay down markers on specific policies that can be used to build a case against the incumbent as his administration unfolds and the next election approaches, insiders said. More immediately, they want to begin to make the case to Trump voters that what they voted for is a far cry from what they’ll be getting with the next president.”

This Democrat plan absolutely does not aim to be about positively addressing the pressing issues of our time. I need not list those because most people across the length and breadth of America know those issues and are negatively impacted by them daily. In this condition, Democrats choose to intentionally impede the process of dealing with these issues that desperately require attention for the sake of people…not plants, not model airplanes, not lifeless objects that feel no pain and do not suffer. No, they are messing with human beings.

They do this at great peril to the continued existence of their party and their ideas. Their assumption must be that they are acting in accordance with the wishes of Democrat citizens. I contend that this is not the case. I recently had a conversation with a life-long friend with whom I agreed to stop discussing politics well before the 2016 election. That agreement came about because he is, and for all of his life, has been a committed Democrat. He could not deal with my conservative views and later support of Donald Trump. We had a phone conversation shortly after Trump’s victory. I did not mention politics or the election. Out of nowhere, he said to me, “You all have it all and I expect results.” When he went on to explain he was talking about Republicans having the presidency and majorities in the House and Senate, I laughed and said, “That’s sarcasm.” He said, “No, I am serious. I want to see cooperation and progress. In fact, I am upset that Democrats did not put in new congressional leadership. I wanted Nancy Pelosi replaced.”

That friend is not alone in his expectations. All of what is presented here, and even more that space does not allow for, says Democrat leadership is dangerously out–of-touch with the reasonable desires and expectations of most Americans. If they pursue the course described above, Trump and Pence…8 and 16 will be the result. However, Democrat obstruction could still take America to a level of destruction from which Trump and Pence cannot lead us back. This is a pivotal time for America.

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