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My 47% – or Whatever Percent

Yesterday, 4 November 2012, I sent out an e-newsletter that contained my article titled “47% High, Assessment Absolutely Correct.” The article explained my thinking regarding the 47% comment made by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. If you did not read that e-newsletter, check your email inbox. It will also be available on my website, karlmerritt.com, in three days. As is normally the case when I release an article, several individuals sent me emails commenting on what I said. One of those responses so fully illustrated what I presented in the article that I asked the writer for permission to print his statement. I have not heard from him. Consequently, I will summarize his comments:

What I, Karl, said was not a discussion, but an effort to entice people to vote for Mitt Romney.
Although the respondent said he did not know how many years I spent in the military, my comments showed that I “do not have a clue of the civilian world.”
The respondent says my (Karl’s) military service taught me to receive orders and carry them out. The respondent tells me it is not this way in the civilian world. (I infer from this statement that the respondent is saying I am not able to think independently of others.)
He, the respondent, believes a vote for Mitt Romney is a vote to put black people “back on the plantation.”
Karl should ask himself, “What is the largest industry in America?” Followed by, “What was slavery about?”

In my article, I contended that for the reasons he stated, Mitt Romney was right in concluding there is a segment of American citizens that he does not stand a chance of influencing and would not try to do so in campaigning for the presidency. He did not say, if elected, he would only work for the good of some Americans. No, as a candidate he refuses to invest resources where they would clearly be wasted, but as President he promises to pursue what is good for all Americans.

Back to the gentleman who responded to my article. Nowhere in what he says is there one fact that supports his objections to what I wrote; no orderly analysis was offered – only speculation that attacks my capacity for thinking clearly and independently.

Here is what I wrote to this gentleman in response to his comments: “Your response is exactly what I am talking about in the article. Instead of presenting facts and analysis to support your position, you make bold unsubstantiated statements and then try to shut me down by questioning my capacity for independent and realistic thought. Do you really think that kind of response would cause me to be inclined to attempt a civil and productive discussion of issues with you? Please give me permission to publish your comments. Thanks.”

So, what I described above says I have my 47% – or whatever percent. Given all that is on my plate by way of trying to answer the call of God on my life and do, with limited resources (time, energy, money, remaining life, and so on), what I can to help build a better world, is it reasonable that I invest where there is clearly no hope of any positive return? I say, “No.” Mitt Romney said, “No.” We agree.

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