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Creating and Normalizing Dependency

6 April 2017 There are various conditions in America that hinder many citizens from achieving all the good that might otherwise be possible in their living. Among the most destructive of these is that our nation has sadly become amazingly proficient in creating and normalizing dependency. That is, making people not only physically dependent on […]

Obamacare: Somebody, please tell the whole truth

27 March 2017 The Affordable Care Act, routinely referred to as Obamacare, was signed on March 23, 2010. Referring to the program, “Obamacare Summary”, at Obamacare.net says, “It was created to make healthcare more affordable and easily accessible to a wider range of Americans.” Seven years later, Obamacare is failing terribly. Some describe it as […]

Overcoming the Temptation to Quit

10 March 2017 I confess to experiencing periods when I have to work at overcoming the temptation to quit. That is, just take life easy and invest no time or effort in trying to help make our nation a better place for others. In this state, life would simply consist of enjoying my wife and […]

Is This Really Compassion?

23 February 2017 Whether it is determining how America should address illegal immigration, the possibility of terrorists entering the country through legal means, suspected voter fraud, the plague of poverty, or a multitude of other challenges, there seems to be a recurring call for compassion. This emphasis on “compassion” is contributing to a dangerous divide […]

Markeysha and Dekeim: Learning from People Who Know the Way

8 February 2017 My writings and speeches often address the disturbing condition of far too many black males in America. From high incarceration rates, dumbfounding unemployment rates, totally out-of-control black-on-black homicides, to unbelievable levels of poverty, this is a segment of our population in need of informed attention. Obviously, what is being done is failing…even […]

Trump and Pence…Eight and 16

25 January 2017 If Democrat leaders continue on their current course, I expect Donald Trump will serve eight years as president, with Mike Pence as vice-president, followed by eight years of Pence as president. What follows is a look at some components of the perilous course being pursued by Democrat leaders. Start with their effort […]

Diminishing Effectiveness of the Race Card

11 January 2017 For several years, playing the “Race Card” has been a very effective means of forcing actions that might not have otherwise come to pass. From the Cambridge Dictionary, race card is “to try to gain an advantage by drawing attention to someone’s race or to issues of race.” An editorial in the Fayetteville Observer titled, “Our View: School board creates drama with […]

Dr. Ben Carson: Prepared to Serve, but Challenged

29 December 2016 President-Elect Donald Trump selected Dr. Ben Carson as his nominee for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Immediately, several prominent Democrats, including Representative Nancy Pelosi, House Minority (Democratic) Leader, and Senator Chuck Schumer, recently-elected Senate Minority (Democratic) Leader, declared Carson unqualified for the job. My suggestion is that Democrats should press […]

My Draining Struggle to Understand

14 December 2016 The opening line of the welcome to my website says, “After all my years of living, there are still some things I do not understand.” That is, I cannot make sense of, cannot reason, my way to some conclusions reflected in the actions or words of others. The 2016 presidential election and […]

Dogwood Festival Music Diversity: An Opportunity For Exercising Leadership

29 November 2016 This column shares my thinking regarding a recent issue related to the Dogwood Festival. The festival is a major Fayetteville, North Carolina, weekend event held in the spring of each year. It brings together vendors who sell a multitude of items ranging from food to birdhouses. Beyond vendors are some twenty-five musical […]

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