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Searching for Why America is Off-Course

25 August 2017 Time and time again in these columns, I lament that America is off-course. That is, we seem to be in a decline as a nation. It is reflected in our strained relationships with so many other nations, but also in our inability, at the federal level, to do the routine business of […]

Fayetteville Community Garden: A place of great possibilities

9 August 2017 I often write about the challenges facing American society. Those challenges include poverty, a widening racial divide, crime, political disarray, governmental financial madness…the list goes on. What follows are my thoughts regarding a valuable, but much underutilized, asset. I firmly believe it can contribute a lot toward positively addressing many of the […]

Why I Oppose the Brunch Bill

26 July 2017 In a column titled, “Tim White: Time to kick government out of the booze business,” White wrote, “Remind me again, please: Why is it that North Carolina needs to regulate when a restaurant can serve a drink?” He was referring to SB155: legislation passed by the North Carolina General Assembly and signed […]

Rockfish Area Conditional Rezoning Application Revelations: A reason For Unified Government

15 July 2017 Anyone who takes even a cursory, but honest, look at the overall efficiency and effectiveness of Cumberland County government and the municipalities in the County will certainly conclude we must do better. The County Commissioners recently passed a budget that included spending reductions and a sizeable property tax increase to offset a […]

Successfully Controlling The Thoughts and Actions of Black Americans

28 June 2017 For many years, a formula has been very successfully employed for controlling the thoughts and actions of far too many Black Americans. Primarily, the formula focuses on fostering a victim mentality, acting in ways that appear intended to save the victims, creating tension between groups of people, and an all-out attack on […]

The Fire Academy: Another reason for hope

15 June 2017 While doing research for a recent column titled. “Racial diversity in the Fayetteville Fire Department: Rest of the story,” I gained a far more detailed understanding of the Cumberland County Schools Fire Academy. What follows is some of that detailed understanding, coupled with my profound respect and appreciation for this effort. The […]

Racial diversity in the Fayetteville Fire Department: Rest of the story

31 May 2017 A growing outcry contends that there are far too few black firefighters in the Fayetteville Fire Department. The argument is that when the Fayetteville population is 41 percent black and 45 percent white, it is unacceptable that only 2.7 percent of the department’s employees are black. I agree with those who say […]

Sales Tax Distribution: Fayetteville citizens should watch closely

18 May 2017 As a citizen of Fayetteville, it is a frustrating and disappointing experience watching the negotiation process that intends to determine how future sales tax receipts will be divided among Cumberland County, Fayetteville, and other municipalities in the county. I suggest residents of Fayetteville get informed and thoughtfully watch this process. Closely investigating […]

How did we get here?

4 May 2017 Jeff “Goldy” Goldberg hosts Good Morning Fayetteville on WFNC 640 AM. On a recent show, he was interviewing a police officer who works with the Crime Stoppers program in our area. They started the conversation by discussing a shooting at Lake Rim. Reportedly, two groups were arguing, guns were produced, and a […]

Members of Congress, Do you love us?

19 April 2017 Many years ago, I asked my father what he viewed as the best form of government. His response was “a benevolent dictatorship.” I understood he was saying citizens would be best served by a dictator who had absolute authority, but loved the people he or she governed. My thinking was that the […]

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